Sovereign Goodness

Here it is. Today marks exactly one year since my beautiful mother went to be with Jesus. As I thought about this day, I always imagined posting something about my mom and how wonderful she was. But just now I was struck by the sudden realization that while I’ve had my fair share of crying - crying in the middle of the street, crying in the grocery store, crying on a friends couch late at night when she had a newborn to tend to (You’re the best Krista!) - this year has been pretty good. I’ve made new memories with old friends, spent time getting to know new friends, babysat more littles than I can count, flown around the world and back, attended and photographed numerous weddings, watched a sunrise from a hot air balloon, ate insanely good food, laughed until my stomach hurt, and smiled so much my cheeks were sore. You see, it was an awful year trying to learn how to live without Mama…but you already know that. What you don’t know, is that by the power and grace of God, when I look back on this year I (finally) think of the good.

Real, God-imbued happiness is not the absence of sadness or badness. Rather, it is hanging on to the truth of His sovereign goodness regardless of what’s going on within or around us. - Lisa Harper

Here’s a behind the scenes look. 

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